Salespeople hold 5 universal beliefs which we call 'Destination Beliefs'. Whilst they are necessary components of a salesperson’s belief system, how these beliefs are interpreted and synthesized internally is what separates the best from the rest. A spectrum of attitudes exist for each destination belief. We call them 'Journey Motivations' because they define the path taken towards each destination. There are ten motivations in total, a pair for each Destination Belief and it is the precise balance of these motivations which defines sales performance. Why? Because it is not ‘what’ you do but ‘why’ you do it. Top sellers demonstrate the exact same motivation balance as each other, which means as you believe, you will behave.

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Here, finally, is a causal chain, a formula for success – The Salesperson’s Secret Code. The implications for the sales industry are huge. It means everyone can become a top-performing salesperson by doing three things:

  1. Discovering what the Secret Code is by reading our book

  2. Calculating the gap between your current motivation balance and the optimum balance by completing our psychometric tool

  3. Using the insights provided by our psychometric tool to understand what adjustments should made to create and sustain high-performance

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